Mary and Martha

201390 mins

Wealthy American housewife Mary Morgan removes her tormented child George from school for home education,including an excursion to Southern Africa. While in Mozambique George is nibbled by a mosquito which creeps through an opening in his net and passes on from intestinal sickness. After his burial service at home Mary feels an impulse to get back to Africa where she meets English lady Martha O’Connell,whose 24 year old child Ben, an educator with willful help overseas,has additionally passed on from intestinal sickness. Ben gave his net to one of his pupils,believing grown-ups can’t get jungle fever. The two ladies are stunned to see the high passing rate brought about by the sickness and,whilst Martha stays in Africa as an intentional helper,Mary petitions the American government to change things. Martha turns up at Mary’s home unannounced and,helped by Mary’s ex-ambassador father,they address a senate board of trustees on wellbeing spending,persuading them to do more to battle jungle fever. They meet with some achievement however a coda expresses significantly more can be done.




Phillip Noyce


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