My Lady Boss

2013103 mins

Zach (Gutierrez) is a rich kid compelled to get and keep a line of work after a significant bungle in an organization he set up. He winds up working for ­Evelyn, whom he finds to be the manager from damnation. Over the long haul, he recognizes the truth about her. In the mean time, Evelyn (Rivera) is a concerned and extreme Brand Manager who employs an associate Brand Manager. At the point when she winds up unloaded by her beau, Evelyn looks for solace in Zach, her associate who shows an alternate side of him. As they get to know one another more and as their experiences become more personal, they start to inquire as to whether what they feel for one another is no doubt. The issue is sentiment among chief and subordinate in an organization isn’t permitted. Things get confounded when an office sentiment creates between the far-fetched pair.




Jade Castro




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