No Bad Days

200898 mins

Set in the intriguing landscape of the Yucatan Peninsula, NO BAD DAYS is an activity/experience film that shows every one of the characteristics that make for an engaging and dazzling film. The high speed style makes for a shock every step of the way, while the allure and science of the primary characters make a heartfelt subplot. The story starts when underhanded burial place thieves loot valuable Mayan curios and before long face their most troublesome rival an eccentric, tough, ex-military employable who finds his actual self subsequent to finishing 5 years secluded from everything. Our legend ends up being pursued through wildernesses, spying in underground streams, and going gaga for an appealing, yet difficult American lady looking for her missing mother, a prehistorian who was in a tough spot. This holding, activity stuffed, hilarious story tops in one of the most special and appealing tropical areas on the planet, driving the two legends on a campaign against underhanded powers much more noteworthy than they anticipated.




David Murphy


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