Not Cinderella’s Type

201897 mins

Indy Zimmerman’s life is a long way from great. With a stage mother who appears to make it her objective in life to make indy’s life terrible, venture sister’s who don’t need anything to do with her, and a kid who destroyed her life abruptly needing to be a piece of it, life is as of now more than troublesome. toss secondary school, connections and tragity in the blend and things couldn’t be more awful. At the point when the most famous kid at school, Bryant Bailey, kills her feline, Indy doesn’t needs anything to with him, yet he appears to be determined to be a piece of her life, and after all endeavors of disposing of him fizzle, she chooses to allow him an opportunity. He probably won’t be her sort however Indy rapidly learns initial feelings can be wrong.




Brian Brough


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