Ossan’s Love: Love or Dead

2019114 mins

The story happens after the TV show series Ossan’s Love (2018). It’s been a year since Haruta and Maki promised their undying adoration. Haruta has now returned and gets a warm greeting from natural faces, his manager Musashi Kurosawa and different associates. Equity Yamada, an enlist who has been as of late allocated to this branch, invites him as well. At some point, all the way out of nowhere, the settle based undertaking group “Virtuoso 7” appears at the Second Sales Branch. Project pioneer Jin Mamiana orders the Sales group to help them in their enormous venture. Maki, who had been moved and works now at the administrative center, is among the task colleagues with Mamiana. Haruta and Maki become separated, and Haruta collaborates with Justice. Then, at that point, Kurosawa engages in a mishap and loses his memory, yet the deficiency of his memory is specific and he has forgotten just Haruta. Notwithstanding, when Kurosawa sees Haruta, he becomes hopelessly enamored once more.. Comical and endearing, the last clash of Ossan’s Love begins.

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