Peepli (Live)

2010104 mins

Natha a helpless rancher from Peepli town in the core of provincial India is going to lose his plot of land because of a neglected bank advance. A convenient solution to the issue is the an administration program that helps the groups of obliged ranchers who have ended it all. For the purpose of endurance Farmer Natha can decide to pass on. His sibling is glad to push him towards this novel ‘honor’ however Natha is hesitant. Neighborhood decisions are around the bend and what may have been another undetected occasion transforms into a because celebre’ with everybody needing a slice of the pie. Political fat cats, high-positioning administrators, neighborhood thugs and the always energetic media plunge upon languid Peepli to have a special interest. The inquiry all the rage – “Will he or Won’t he?” As the lunacy heightens, no one appears to mind how Natha truly feels.




Anusha Rizvi


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