Qian nü you hun: Ren jian qing

202096 mins

A ageless romantic tale of an in affection researcher with a female phantom and attempts to liberate her from everlasting bondage to an evil spirit. Researcher Ning Cai Chen heads to the money to take the state assessments. En route, he goes through the night at Lan Ruo sanctuary where he meets and falls head over heels for Nie Xiao Qian a phantom who allures men to assimilate their life embodiment as proposing to Lao. After much battle, Ning Cai Chen and Nie Xiao Qian become a couple, nonetheless, Lao intends to wed Nie Xiao Qian off to the Heishan Demon. In his franticness, Ning Cai Chen commissions the assistance of evil presence tracker Yan Chi Xia.




Lin Zhenzhao




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