Redemption Trail

201392 mins

Two strong, yet profoundly disturbed ladies – exiles from political and individual injury – escape a previous that torment them. The little girl of a killed Black Panther progressive, Tess, (Hamilton) lives off the framework on a Sonoma grape plantation, furiously separated from all associations. Her airtight life breaks when she gives hesitant sanctuary to a frantic young lady, Anna (Rabe) who has endeavored self destruction in a close by woods. An impossible collusion structures between the two, where other cozy connections have fizzled – David, Anna’s better half, (Linklater) and John, Tess’ manager (Weber), can’t get through their dividers. Yet, the very distinction between the two ladies frees them up to another vision of themselves, as survivors, however as saints proficient even of an exhilarating shoot-out for the sake of criminal equity. Recovering opportunity, and life, they plunge forward, towards an obscure, groundbreaking horizon.




Britta Sjogren


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