Sekiseki renren

201383 mins

High school understudy Juri jumps to her demise. A short time later, Juri meanders to her home, school and road. She feels dejection as no other individual can see her. She converses with those that she goes over including her mom and schoolmates, however no one reacts to her remarks. Juri then, at that point, sees an appalling beast, which she never saw preceding her self destruction. She refers to the alarming beast as “Bug Man”. At the point when the brain of people become frail, the Bug Man entices those to end it all. At some point, Juri strolls along the road to the surprise of no one. She then, at that point, meets a young lady that can see Juri. Juri names the young lady Ringo-chan and plays at the recreation area with her. Their cheerful minutes doesn’t keep going long. At the point when they return from the recreation area, Juri sees Ringo-chan’s mom with a terrible face. The Bug Man is remaining behind her mom.




Kazuya Konaka


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