Selfie Dad

20201 mins

Spiraling into an emotional meltdown and feeling separated from his family, Ben Marcus, an unscripted television editorial manager, figures he must be cheerful by satisfying his fantasy about turning into an expert entertainer. Ben posts his stand-up schedules to YouTube, and the recordings crash and burn. Then, at that point, his tweener child posts Ben hopelessly falling flat on a home improvement task, and much to his high school girl’s disappointment, it turns into a web sensation, sending off Ben’s web-based media vocation as Selfie Dad. In spite of the fact that he rapidly turns into an honor winning phenom, no measure of achievement brings Ben fulfillment. Through his kinship with a youthful colleague, Mickey, Ben tracks down the key to a cheerful family . . . with his Bible in one hand, and his telephone in the other.




Brad J. Silverman


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