St. Elmo’s Fire

1985110 mins

Seven companions – Alec, Billy, Jules, Kevin, Kirby, Leslie and Wendy – are attempting to explore through life and their fellowships following school graduation. Alec, who tries to political life, has quite recently shown his genuine nature by changing his devotion from Democrat to Republican, which oddities out sweetheart Leslie, who he needs to wed. Maturing planner Leslie, then again, has a free streak. She accepts she needs to become well known to discover who she is before she can genuinely focus on someone else in marriage. However, Leslie and Alec have chosen to live respectively. Since Leslie won’t wed Alec, he trusts that legitimizes specific conduct. Kirby, who needs to turn into a legal advisor and who pays for his tutoring by functioning as a server at their neighborhood home base called St. Elmo’s Bar, and battling author Kevin are right now flat mates. They are on inverse limits of the sentiment spectrum.




Joel Schumacher


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