Terror Trap

201086 mins

Driving to an end of the week escape, a vehicle breakdown strands youthful couple Don and Nancy (David James Elliot and Heather Marsden) while going through a little, provincial Louisiana town. Tracking down the couple on the side of the road, the towns ungracious Sheriff Taylor (Jeff Fahey) tells them therell be nobody to fix their vehicle prior to morning. He guides them to a close by inn for the night run via Carter (Michael Madsen). Looking into the dingy, summary foundation, Don and Nancy have no chance of knowing how this spot manages outcasts. Identification to the side, the Sherriff replies to Carter, as do a pack of wound, concealed ruffians, torturers, and executioners. When Don and Nancy acknowledge whats occurring, its past time to escape. They should battle to endure the evening, or be the following casualties of the Terror Trap…




Dan Garcia


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