The 50 Year Argument

201495 mins

Directed by acclaimed producer Martin Scorsese and his long-lasting narrative associate David Tedeschi, A 50 Year Argument rides the influxes of scholarly, political, and social history as diagrammed by The New York Review of Books, America’s driving diary of thoughts for more than 50 years. Provocative, particular and combustible, the film weaves seldom seen documented material, donor interviews, selections from works by such symbols as James Baldwin, Gore Vidal, and Joan Didion alongside unique verité film shot in the Review’s West Village workplaces. Conflict and unique contention are in the Review’s DNA – the magazine appears as fundamental now as when it was controlled by its relentless establishing editors, Robert Silvers and the late Barbara Epstein. Co-created with the BBC’s honor winning Arena and molded by Scorcese’s striking filmmaking style, The Fifty Year Argument catches the force of thoughts in affecting history.




David Tedeschi


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