The Blood Lands

201483 mins

Young metropolitan couple Ed and Sarah are set to start another life when they move from London into a segregated lines Scottish farmhouse. In the wake of experiencing passionate feelings for the nineteenth century Castle Farm and considering its capability to be a project they are restless to begin on the remodels. In bed on their first night Sarah figures she can hear commotions in the obscurity yet Ed is distrusting saying it’s her creative mind playing stunts. Enduring in her dread they are in good company in the house, she powers Ed to research. At the point when he doesn’t return after a scarily significant stretch, she goes down the stairs to explore just to be gone up against by an inviting board of trustees of concealed interlopers. As she frantically looks for Ed, an alarming mental contest follows with the baffling attackers. However, how treat need and what abhorrences do they have anticipated the two newcomers?




Simeon Halligan


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