The Bone Box

2020N/A mins

Depressed and faltering from the new passing of his better half, Tom has developed very much a betting obligation. He goes to remain with his rich Aunt Florence with the expectation that she will think of him into her will. At the point when an awful leaser clarifies that Tom is out of time, he devises an arrangement with Elodie, the funeral director’s girl, to deny the graves of the rich residents covered in the burial ground across the street. Subsequent to ravaging the graves, Tom shows up back at Florence’s home and occasions take a dim turn. Tom starts hearing and seeing weird things that appear to concur with the passings of individuals he ransacked. Much really perplexing… he gives off an impression of being the just one detecting the events. One inquiry waits: Is Tom’s soul pulling a prank on him… or is he truly being spooky by those he took from?




Luke Genton


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