The Captive Nanny

202084 mins

Chloe (Karynn Moore) is a babysitter who frantically needs to embrace yet needs to get everything in order first. She observes the ideal live-in caretaker position with the Brown family – Emily (Austin Highsmith), (Michael Aaron Milligan) and their child – that will assist with getting her life in the groove again. She rapidly learns they’re strangely severe with regards to security, with coded locks on all entryways. Emily discloses it’s because of her renowned artist ex named Baz (Jason Skeen), who follows her. Appalled, Chloe consents to assist Emily and Michael with protecting their child. In any case, when Chloe sees things appear to be a gnawed off with the Browns, Emily and Michael turn on Chloe and blame her for being a government operative for Baz. They lock her up to compel a bogus admission out of her, however Chloe before long discovers that it’s not Baz that is getting awful things going – it’s Emily, not entirely set in stone to win back Baz using any and all means necessary.




Amy S. Weber


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