The Florentine

1999104 mins

The bar in an old Pennsylvania steel town, housed with a significant number of life’s washouts and disappointed men, is the primary setting for this cut of-life film. Michael Madsen is the bar proprietor, who is somewhere down under water to the town’s book-producer and predatory lender Burt Young. Chris Penn is one of the bar’s primary occupants as he stows away from his faltering union with Mary Stuart Masterson. The barkeep’s sister (Virginia Madsen) is going to be hitched, and her previous life partner (Tom Sizemore) appears around, in the wake of leaving her at the special stepped area years prior. Cheat James Belushi runs a con on Perry to take the cash for the wedding food provider. As each plot in this complex story is by all accounts to say the least, things turn upward as a result of an improbable legend.




Nick Stagliano


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