The Ghastly Love of Johnny X

2012106 mins

A genuinely distraught mixture, mixing 1950s adolescent reprobates, science fiction drama, routine, and a dash of frightfulness, everything in the perfect mix to make a connecting big screen exhibition! This inquisitive and inquisitively engaging story includes one Jonathan Xavier and his gave rebel pack who, it just so happens, have been banished to Earth from the most distant ranges of space. Johnny’s previous sweetheart Bliss has left him and taken his Resurrection Suit, an enormous, mind-bowing uniform that gives the proprietor control over others. En route, there will be a few profoundly adapted melodic numbers, bunches of really clever exchange, and a strange unexpected development or two, all flawlessly caught on the absolute last of Kodak’s high contrast Plus-X film stock.




Paul Bunnell


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