The Hater

2020129 mins

In a general public wrestling with its socialist past and European present, both the social tip top and disappointed youngsters see powers of murkiness plunging over Europe. And afterward there are the individuals who benefit from the inescapable conflicts and resulting disorder, as shamed law understudy Tomek (Maciej Musiałowski) who’s frantically attempting to stand out enough to be noticed of beloved companion Gabi (Vanessa Alexander) and the admiration of her dynamic family. Taking some work at a prominent however irreverent PR organization to intrigue Gabi, Tomek before long observes that he dominates at the messy political games that he is approached to arrange via online media. Yet, there’s a human cost to his intruding. As Tomek gets sucked in more profound, his mankind gradually depletes away, and it turns out to be less clear what the final stage is.




Jan Komasa




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