The Lotus

2018N/A mins

In the not so far off future, biochemical innovation has progressed unexpectedly. Tragically, it has fallen under the control of some unacceptable man. A splendid youthful natural chemist by the name of Jacob, who accepts the world is a superior spot without mankind. Jacob chooses to assume control over issues by starting the cycle to clear everybody out. Arranging biochemical assaults all through the city, the infection is delivered, tainting millions, from merely seconds. The infection is savage, causing turmoil and annihilation all over. Across the way, only minutes before the assault, a young lady, by the name of Cee is trapped in the hurricane of her sister’s wedding. As the wedding starts, the infection hits. Tainting everybody. Cee watches the assault unfurl before her eyes, as many friends and family die. Trusting that the contamination will take her, Cee observes herself to be distant from everyone else in the beginning of a whole-world destroying world, encompassed by disorder and war. Battling to make due as long as she can, she meets a…

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