The Perfect Wedding

201282 mins

Christmas is drawing closer, and Paul’s taken on sister Alana is returning home for these special seasons. This will not be only a customary family festivity, as she’s as of late drawn in and the end of the week will be spent arranging her June wedding with her closest companions Roy and Vicki. Issue is that Roy is Paul’s ex, and the two young fellows haven’t seen each other since their extremely untidy separation. Anxious with regards to seeing his ex once more, Roy convinces his old buddy Gavin to go along with him for the end of the week, and professing to be his new beau. At the point when Paul and Gavin meet, flashes of fascination fly, yet Gavin believes Roy’s actually hung up on Paul. This beguiling lighthearted comedy is an entertaining glance at family bonds, misconceptions and the “wonderful wedding




Scott Gabriel


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