The Suspect

2013137 mins

Dong-chul was the best unique field specialist in North Korea, yet he’s deserted by his administration during a mission. While on the run, he searches for his significant other and kid, who were sold as captives to China, just to find their cadavers. He before long discovers that his partner was behind the killing and deformities toward the South looking for his foe. He searches for him during the day, and functions as a temp driver around evening time and as an individual driver for Chairman PARK. One night the director is assaulted and killed by a professional killer, yet not prior to giving up a couple of glasses to Dong-chul. He is presently on the run once more, blamed for the administrator’s homicide by the knowledge administration, while attempting to reveal the mystery contained inside the glasses. Much to his dismay that relying upon who eventually deals with the mystery, it could either turn into a public danger or treasure.




Won Shin-Yeon


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