To Live & Ride in L.A.

2010N/A mins

For fixed-gear cyclists, Los Angeles is a city that has everything. From the neon sparkle of Hollywood to the sun-soaked footpath of Venice Beach, fixed-gear has advanced into an energetic road culture that is particularly L.A. From chief David Rowe (Fast Friday) comes another narrative element that investigates a side of L.A. scarcely any outcasts have seen. From races through heavy traffic to 12 PM space parties, To Live and Ride in L.A. is a speedy outing through the bustling roads and back-rear entryways of one of the world’s biggest urban areas. To Live and Ride in L.A. highlights capable neighborhood riders destroying the roads with first-time guest Keo Curry (Fast Friday, Macaframa) – one of the remarkable people of the game. Bicycle to stowed away spots off the guide, race a 12 PM stray feline, stay up with the riders from Wolfpack, and hang with the neighborhood teams, spray painting specialists and other L.A. characters consuming the fixed-gear scene.




David Rowe


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