201780 mins

In the mid year of 2015, previous US Marine and world record weightlifter Matt “Kroc” Kroczaleski was freely outed as being transsexual. The response was general: her backers deserted her, she was repudiated by her folks, restricted from contending, and she changed her name to “Janae”. This film follows Janae as she endeavors to track down her place in the public eye. At first needing to take off the muscle and become a lot more modest looking lady, she observed herself to not be able to lose the muscle she so frantically acquired. She currently ends up living one day as a dominant man and the following day as a fragile young lady. Can Janae deal with her muscle backslides? Will her section from being a male bring her the harmony she’s searching for? Will society acknowledge a 250lbs solid lady? Is her way private reclamation or physical and mental disaster?




Michael Del Monte


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