When Pigs Fly

199397 mins

Marty (Alfred Molina) is an out for the count jazz performer with brilliant fantasies about becoming wildly successful, yet the present moment he’s partying day in and day out and bringing in little cash by giving music illustrations to individuals who don’t appear to need them. His occasionally sweetheart, Sheila (Maggie O’Neill), is a barmaid at the Rose of Sharon, a nearby bar claimed by the hot-tempered Frank (Seymour Cassel). One day Sheila removes an old rocker from the bar’s stockpiling and gives it to Marty; he then, at that point, finds that the seat is spooky by two phantoms, a moderately aged lady named Lilly (Marianne Faithfull) and an intelligent young lady named Ruthie (Rachel Bella). Ruthie is by all accounts from the turn of the century, yet Lilly is contemporary. These agreeable spirits appear to Marty and spice up his existence with harmless tricks, yet things turn genuine when Marty finds Lilly was Frank’s better half, who killed her angrily. With the assistance of the human, the apparitions plan revenge.




Sara Driver




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