Yagyu Jubei: The Fate of the World

201587 mins

The destiny of Tokugawa’s reality remains in a critical state as Yagyu Jubei is sent determined to find what befell 10 of the shogun’s government operatives that stayed away forever. Matsukata Hiroki, one of the last enduring individuals from the Golden Age of Japanese Cinema demonstrates that he has not lost a stage as he depicts a more seasoned and savvier Yagyu Jubei in a film that brings the best of samurai filmmaking into the 21st century. Brought from semi-retirement by Shogun Iemitsu, Jubei is approached to take to the street and explore a family reputed to plan explosives for a resistance. With assistance from a delightful female ninja they head into the Shirakawa area where the battling abilities of both are tried consistently as they endeavor to obliterate a connivance that could bring another Warring States Era. In the 1960’s Yagyu Jubei was the mark job of the incomparable Konoe Jushiro, father of Matsukata Hiroki. This brings the person full circle.




Shigeru Ishihara


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