Z Storm

201492 mins

This is a tale about the greatest monetary extortion endeavored in Hong Kong, coordinated at the Government of Hong Kong and involved every one of the 7 million Hong Kong residents… nobody is liberated from the plan. Inside the forty years of watching Hong Kong’s monetary respectability, the ICAC has never run over a rival so colossal thus efficient as in the Z Torrent document… shadowy figures from the hidden world of South America, Italy and Europe all prepared to plot against the assessed 150 million dollars of Hong Kong residents’ expense cash which was pooled in an asset called the WELFARE FUND. High profile sanctioned bookkeepers, high positioning law masters, power legal counselors, the super business visionaries; they all have their portions of play however none can truly get a handle on the higher perspective; they are there just for what they want most.




David Lam


Hong Kong


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