When Peter sets out on an enchanted excursion to protect his younger sibling Anne, he really wants to venture out to a baffling area: the Moon! Anne was captured by the shrewd Moon Man when she attempted to help the insect Mr. Zoomzeman in look for his better half. On his incredible experience, Peter lands on the Star Meadow where he meets the tired Mr. Sandman. He knows, just at the Night Fairy's supper in the palace in the mists, they can discover where Anne is - yet there aren't sufficient seats for everybody. So they join the wild race along the Milky Way against the five Spirits of Nature: Storm Giant, Lightning Witch, Henry Hail, Rainy Robin and Mother Frost…
Through diverse converging stories, the film tells about the existences of three adolescent couples who are attempting to track down their own personalities in a computerized paced world.
Following the account of the tune "Quiet Night" from its creation in the mid nineteenth century to the staple of Christmas Festivities
Elli is an android and lives with a man she calls her dad. Together they float through the late spring. During the day they swim in the pool and around evening time he takes her to bed. She shares his recollections and whatever else he programs her to review. Recollections that mean the world to him however nothing to her. However, one night she sets off into the forest after a blurring reverberation… The narrative of a machine and the apparitions we as a whole convey inside us.


A pilot's airplane is greetings jacked by terrorists.
Stranded in New York as a pornography entertainer, Lillian chooses to get back to her country, Russia, by walking. She steadfastly sets out on the long excursion. A street film that goes straight across the USA into the cold of Alaska. The annal of a sluggish disappearance.
A hereditarily designed plant disperses its seeds and appears to cause uncanny changes on living animals. The tormented seem unusual, as though they were traded - particularly for those, who are near them. Or then again is it generally creative mind? In this way begins a play between different truths,on which end stands the deficiency of the own identity.


Bertolt Brecht, a venue progressive, artist of the state, untouchable, thinks back on his life in 1956, the time of his demise, in East Berlin: from incitements in the Augsburg of the First World War, to the early beautiful and desirous stature trips in Munich and Berlin during the 1920s, his break from Hitler and US exile, trailed by his later years trapped in a situation between ageless work of art and a faltering GDR class contender, a resolute free man and a compromised Artist.
The vaquita, the world's littlest whale, is approaching eradication as its natural surroundings is obliterated by Mexican cartels and the Chinese Mafia, who gather the totoaba fish, the "cocaine of the ocean." Environmental activists, the Mexican naval force, and covert examiners are retaliating against this unlawful multimillion-dollar business.


A show that handles the endless loop of sex dealing with Europe.
After being shipped off an adolescent detainment community, 18-year-old Andrej needs to battle for his place inside the gathering of detainees while drawing nearer to Željko, their casual chief, and battling to maintain his subdued mystery in the dark.
Puppets! Pixels! Anime! Surprisingly realistic! Stock footage!
A dull and sexy film from a landfill in Ghana, where electronic waste from the West is being reused. A remarkable encounter, told by the specialists themselves.
A dangerous, tissue eating undead little kid tormenting the remote stretch of woods where she was killed many years sooner, finds a seized and mishandled kid stowing away in the storage compartment of one of her casualty's vehicles. Her choice to allow the kid to live tosses her forcefully singular presence into disturbance, and at last powers her to reconsider exactly the amount of her humankind her killer had the option to destroy.


Rike is forty, an effective specialist whose occupation requests everything of her. She expects to utilize her much-required yearly occasion to satisfy her since quite a while ago valued fantasy about cruising alone from Gibraltar to Ascension, a little tropical island in the Atlantic. Her craving for a lighthearted occasion is by all accounts happening however at that point, after a tempest, her lovely experience abruptly transforms into an uncommon test when she recognizes a severely harmed, pitifully over-burden evacuee boat nearby.
Dive into the secret business of computerized cleaning, which frees the Internet of undesirable viciousness, pornography and political substance. Who is controlling what we see… and what we think?
Seventeen-year-old Franz excursions to Vienna under Nazi occupation to understudy at a tobacco shop. There he meets Sigmund Freud, a standard client, and after some time the two totally different men structure a solitary friendship.
Inspired by the Charles Dickens exemplary A Christmas Carol, canny cash administrator Alexis Taylor (Braxton) gets the occasion visit that should not be underestimated. A self-announced compulsive worker who 'shams' love, Alexis winds up accepting the soul of Christmas when her past, present, and future impact, compelling her to chance the one thing cash can't purchase: her heart.
HAGAZUSSA is the dull legend of the young lady Albrun and her battle to protect her own mental soundness, and attempts to investigate the barely recognizable difference between old wizardry, confidence and frenzy when agnostic convictions in witches and nature spirits spread dread and fear in the personalities of the country population.
The Ötztal Alps, over 5300 years prior. A Neolithic faction has settled almost a river. It is their chief Kelab's liability to be the manager of the gathering's blessed place of worship Tineka. While Kelab is hunting, the settlement is assaulted. The individuals from the clan are mercilessly killed, among them Kelab's significant other and child, just a single infant gets by - and Tineka is gone. Dazed by torment and anger, Kelab is out for something single - vengeance.
The lives of three in number willed ladies and a youthful artist run into each other in Tehran's schizophrenic culture where sex, infidelity, defilement, prostitution and medications exist together with severe strict law. In this clamoring present day city, staying away from denial has turned into a regular game and breaking restrictions can be a method for individual emancipation.
A working class family residing in Calais manage a progression of misfortunes while giving little consideration to the dreary conditions in the exile camps inside a couple of miles of their home.
A gathering of German development laborers set out for an unfamiliar building site in the Bulgarian area. The bizarre nation stirs experience sentiments among the men. Simultaneously, they are gone up against with their biases and doubt. For two of the men, a close by town turns into the stage for a contest for the acknowledgment and favor of the village.
Africa, Europe - Europe and Africa: Surfers live contrastingly on every landmass and Africa denotes an exceptional spot - as surfing is in many spots at its actual beginnings. 'Past - An African Surf Documentary' follows local people along the shoreline of Morocco, Western Sahara, Mauritania, Senegal and Gambia into their homes, visits their home surf spots and investigates their riding lives. 90 days of shooting finished in a 111 brief wordy excursion on a landmass, that can possibly be the following large thing in surfing.

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