Bruceuilis, a cop from the open country, is allocated to protect Celestina, a goat thought about legacy of his little city, and goes to São Paulo. There, he meets police representative Trindade, who chooses to branch out into the field, despite the fact that it isn't his specialty.
After a messed up trick, Clóvis chances upon Lohane, his alienated cultivate sister. In a tough spot, they before long understand the main way out is to gather as one.
A separated from attorney succumbs to an appealling cardiologist. Yet, when their distinction in size prompts family rubbing, is she prepared to pay attention to her heart?
Whilst traveling in Greece, Beckett, turns into the objective of a manhunt after a staggering fender bender compels him to run for his life the nation over to demonstrate his innocence however strains heighten as the specialists close in and political agitation mounts which makes Beckett fall considerably more profound into a perilous trap of conspiracy.
To give a superior life to his family in the country, 18-year-old Mateus acknowledges a task in a junkyard in São Paulo for his new supervisor Luca. In any case, when he and a couple other young men become caught in the hazardous universe of contemporary subjugation, Mateus will be compelled to settle on working for the very man who oppressed him or hazard his and his family's future.
In Brazil, Akemi discovers that she's the beneficiary to the Yakuza domain. Soon after that, her predetermination enters a twisting of viciousness and secret, where a gaijin (outsider) who's been ensuring her this time, Shiro, may have been really shipped off kill her.
After spending a lifetime in a radical local area, a 18-year-old young lady takes the risk to go out into this present reality and chooses to search for her father.
A suspenseful thrill ride encompassing the genuine homicides of Manfred and Marísia von Richthofen organized by their own little girl, Suzane, alongside her beau and brother by marriage, the Cravinhos siblings.
After a separation, a force to be reckoned with goes on her companions on a free outing to Bahia's dynamic Carnival, where she learns life's not just with regards to web-based media likes.


Many, a long while back, the delightful Medusa was seriously rebuffed by Athena, the virgin goddess, for the deficiency of her virtue. Today, Mariana has a place with a reality where she should do her most extreme to keep up the presence of an ideal lady. All together not to fall into allurement, she makes a decent attempt to control everything and everybody around her. Be that as it may, the day will come when the inclination to shout will be more grounded than it at any point has been.
When the astute yet socially-off-kilter Tetê joins another school, she'll effectively fit in. However, the sovereign honey bee among her colleagues has other ideas.


Fernando, a maritime official, shows up in the city of Rosario to chip away at an oil big hauler. Yet, his move appears to disguise other motives.
MAYA is an otherworldly thrill ride, recounting the tale of the assumed connection among Icaro and Adriana, since the second they met until the day when she vanishes and stop existing.
Mexico City, November 1901. The police strike a private home where a mystery party is being held. Among those going to is the child in-law of President Porfirio Díaz.
The story of the decay of the Soares family in the last a long time of the nineteenth century. Isabel is the withering mother, and her girls are Maria and Ana. The three ladies make a decent attempt to disregard their pasts in the espresso ranch and face the modern occasions that begin to take over Brazil.
Working in disguise at his rich father's organization to test his own benefits, Teto succumbs to Paula and tells her he grew up poor, a falsehood that twists out of control.
Because he has not heard anything for some time from his more established sibling Ikenna, artist Amadi goes from Nigeria to the city of São Paulo. Be that as it may, Ikenna remains missing.
The only one overcomer of a baffling killer that killed his significant other, companions and the travel industry guide who leaded them through a prohibited cavern, a kid become the main suspect to make the wrongdoing. He, notwithstanding, guarantee for his honesty saying that your significant other killed those individuals as she was moved by an abhorrent power. Declining to converse with cops who are in control for the wrongdoing examination, he requests help to a nun.
When Kenny Scharf shown up in NYC in the mid 1980's, he immediately met and got to know Keith Haring and Jean Michel Basquiat; There, among the intense inventive clamor of a discouraged midtown scene the triplet would before long change the manner in which we ponder workmanship, the world, and ourselves. However, dissimilar to Haring and Basquiat, who both kicked the bucket shockingly youthful, Kenny survived disastrous changes in the East Village just as the attacks of AIDS and financial downturn. 'At the point when Worlds Collide' is about the craft of fun, about carrying on with life without holding back, regardless of mishaps, and about Kenny Scharf's specific DIY, high-tone, technicolor creative vision.
There are numerous ways of beating the misfortunes and quitters of youth. Three young men rehash the idea of family to confront the injuries of their lives.
Cintia is present day princess, she's associated, chose and adores music. This "pop" princess used to live with their folks in a colossal palace with a decent view to the city. Consistently she glanced through the window and watch the view dreaming with a ruler she didn't met at this point. Be that as it may, one day her palace disintegrates with everything around her, after her folks separate from she went to live with her auntie and quits having confidence in adoration. What she didn't knew was that there was a beguiling sovereign in her set of experiences, that needed to loosen things up around our advanced cinderella.
Hunting for Hedonia investigates how the prospering innovation of Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) will affect human character and our self-appreciation. DBS is a progressive device in neuroscience and as a treatment it is getting over from development control in Parkinson's to mitigating dysfunctional behavior. Preliminaries are in progress in wretchedness, OCD, PTSD and eating disorders.
The mesmerizing and dreamlike story of two beacon attendants on a remote and baffling New England island in the 1890s.
Havana, Cuba, 1990. René González, a plane pilot, surprisingly escapes the nation, leaving behind his better half Olga and his little girl Irma, and starts another life in Miami, where he turns into an individual from an enemy of Castro organization.

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