Amanda is the associate to a well known photographic artist. Her supervisor gets a challenge to photo the Christmas celebrations in the realm of Pantrea and Amanda goes acting like her. She will before long succumb to Prince Leopold, regardless of not being an eminence.
A uncommon family night for Jay takes a merciless turn when he stirs in a cellar with three different detainees. As their vindictive capturer goes out of control, Jay participates in a contorted fight to address the riddle to his past and save his family's future.
During World War III, the American government starts a mystery project codenamed 'Armed force Bacon' to make super warriors by inbreeding people with pigs. after 25 years the mixture Muzzles have involved the head of the established pecking order, eating and cultivating humankind. Ex-abundance tracker Rob Justice works for the last line of human obstruction - a gathering of survivors stowing away in an atomic dugout profound underground - and his main goal is to look and annihilate Muzzle Central.
Lucas, a 14-year-old kid accepted into the group life in Washington D.C., is resolved that his 10-year-old sibling will not follow a similar way. At the point when an Afghanistan war veteran comes into the area, an open door arises.
Hellboy comes to England, where he should overcome Nimue, Merlin's partner and the Blood Queen. However, their fight will achieve the apocalypse, a destiny he frantically attempts to turn away.
Video game planner Matt Booth has a single shot to save his profession by uncovering his greatest undertaking yet at the Video Game Awards in New Mexico. In any case, in the wake of running into a companion at the air terminal and having excessively a lot to drink before his flight, he winds up in ACTUAL Mexico - explicitly, Acapulco. When he lands, he ends up on the run from powerful hoodlums, dangerous hired gunmen and the Feds, all searching for a strange bundle that he has supposedly snuck through customs doesn't yet knows anything about. Cooperating with a boss, delightful femme fatale and directing his inward computer game activity legend, the pair disentangles a scheme that could shake the reinforcement of the United States, possibly the world.
In a world invade by zombies, military work force and survivalists live in an underground dugout while they look for a fix.
Back to Berlin is the first biker flick-meets-holocaust include narrative. Eleven engine bikers have a mission to take the Maccabiah light from Israel to the site of the scandalous 1936 Berlin Olympics, for the main Jewish Olympic Games on German soil. They will remember the courageous excursions of the first 1930s' Maccabiah riders and find how they or their families endure the Holocaust.
Together, a producer and her characters adventure into an individual exploration project about closeness. On the liquid line among the real world and fiction, Touch Me Not follows the passionate excursions of Laura, Tómas and Christian, offering a profoundly empathic knowledge into their lives. Longing for closeness yet additionally profoundly terrified of it, they work to beat old examples, protection instruments and restrictions, to cut the rope lastly be free. Contact Me Not checks out the way in which we can track down closeness in the most unforeseen ways, at how to cherish one more without losing ourselves.
An hopeful essayist gets back to his local town in rustic Turkey, where he becomes overpowered by his dad's debts.


During the English Civil War, two contradicting warriors end up caught in a woods constrained by a Witch.
A gathering of German development laborers set out for an unfamiliar building site in the Bulgarian area. The bizarre nation stirs experience sentiments among the men. Simultaneously, they are gone up against with their biases and doubt. For two of the men, a close by town turns into the stage for a contest for the acknowledgment and favor of the village.

No One

A provocative dramatization about a young lady who encounters the main change in her life.
11-year-old Misha is coming from Russia to Athens during the 2004 Olympic Games to live with his mom. He doesn't realize there is a dad sitting tight for him.
A gathering of vocation crooks winds up caught in a stockroom with the law - and an Attack Dog named DeNiro shutting in.
The film narratives the ascent and fall of the world's most dreaded medication ruler Pablo Escobar and his unpredictable relationship with Colombia's most well known columnist Virginia Vallejo all through a rule of fear that tore a country apart.
In the fourth portion of the battling establishment, Boyka is going for the major associations when an unplanned passing in the ring makes him question all that he represents. At the point when he discovers the spouse of the man he coincidentally killed is in a tough situation, Boyka offers to battle in a progression of unthinkable fights to liberate her from an existence of servitude
In London for the Prime Minister's memorial service, Mike Banning finds a plot to kill all the going to world leaders.
A twelve-year-old young lady is moved by an otherworldly dark steed to the supernatural universe of Albion, where she finds that she alone is the way to saving a whole race of people.
The King of the Belgians is on a state visit in Istanbul when his nation self-destructs. He should get back without a moment's delay to save his realm. Be that as it may, a sun oriented tempest makes airspace and correspondences shut down. No planes. No telephones. With the assistance of a British producer and a company of Bulgarian society artists, the King and his escort figure out how to escape over the boundary. In disguise. Subsequently starts an odyssey across the Balkans during which the King finds this present reality - and himself.


When Tsanko Petrov, a railroad specialist, observes a great many lev on the train tracks, he chooses to surrender the whole add up to the police. Thankful, the state rewards him with another wristwatch… which before long quits working. In the mean time, Julia Staikova, the head of PR for the Ministry of Transport, loses his old watch. Here begins Petrov's frantic battle to get back his old watch, however his dignity.
On 3 April 2004, during the occasion of Ashura, Iraqi radicals faithful to Shiite pioneer Muktada As-Sadr, sent off an insurrection in the Polish zone. The Poles, along with Bulgarian warriors and Iraqi police, were given the undertaking of shielding City Hall, drove by Lieutenant colonel Grzegorz Kaliciak. The conflict formed into the greatest Polish commitment since World War II. Not a solitary partnered fighter passed on, albeit around 80 extremists were killed in a counter-attack.
The Paradise Suite is an anecdote around six individuals seeing as one another and, in some cases with only one look, affecting each other's lives irreversibly. For the delightful youthful Bulgarian Jenya, her excursion to Amsterdam ends up being something contrary to what she expected. Her tiresome imprisonment powers the other-worldly African, Yaya, to battle for her opportunity - a hazardous battle where he loses everything except his cherished confidence. The Serbian conflict criminal Ivica, who has quite recently turned into a dad, is horrendously stood up to with the way that wrongdoings won't ever go unpunished. Bosnian Seka has nothing left to live for with the exception of her retaliation however things being what they are, it's that equivalent retribution that brings love back in her life. What's more when the Swedish piano-wonder kid, Lukas, flees from his new impermanent home, his dad Stig at long last understands that their common energy for music harms their relationship.
Greenland, 1908. Josephine, self-assured and striking spouse of well known Arctic adventurer Robert Peary, sets out on a perilous excursion in quest for her better half who is looking for a course toward the North Pole. Yet, Josephine is likewise credulous and disregards alerts from experienced polar voyagers about the beginning of winter. At incredible penance the campaign arrives at Peary's headquarters. Josephine won't return home and needs to spend winter in the cabin. Just the youthful Inuit lady Allaka, who lives in an igloo and is familiar with the cool, stays with her. As the long evenings move closer, Josephine acknowledges she shares all the more practically speaking with this lady from an unexpected world in comparison to she thought.

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