A gathering of outsiders search out to overcome new universes and take specific notification of Earth, subsequent to seeing satellite transmissions of TV shows of a strong panda, Pandy
3000 years after the kid god Nezha vanquishes the Dragon King then, at that point, vanishes in fanciful occasions, he returns as a customary man to track down his own way to turning into a genuine hero.
The once delightful Planet Kepler is presently dry and close to obliteration after its gifted Callaro plant was taken advantage of to termination. Three fearless space kids - Axel, Jono and Gaga - set out on a challenging mission to reconstruct their forlorn planet.
The world is nearly an overwhelming conflict with beasts who are coming to recover the Scaling Stone. Yin Yang Master Qingming's life is at serious risk and he goes to various universes to get ready for the impending attacks. On his excursion, Qingming observes that the way in to every one of the disasters is accepting his crossover character of both human and monster.
In this present film's experience, a well of lava ejects out of nowhere, unexpectedly arousing the Pacific Ocean floor of many volcanoes made out of the "ring of fire", this abrupt occasion immediately transformed into a worldwide disaster. The volcanic bunches that are going to eject all at once compromise the horned whales washed shorewards by the torrent, the cap penguins living in the volcanic islands, the hardware of the little section support station, the food planted by plant fish in the marine ranches… also the plants and animals that live in the pit the entire year after year!
Toward the start of mayhem, the main evil spirit on the planet was conceived, named Yuandi, and was venerated as the precursor of devils. Millennia after the fact, the previous evil spirit lord Sun Wukong is safeguarded from the Five Elements Mountain by Monk Tang, who vows to ensure him and go toward the West to get the scriptures.
William Tell simply needs to play a card game. His simple presence on the gambling club trail is broken when he is drawn closer by Cirk, a defenseless and furious youngster looking for help to execute his arrangement for retribution on a tactical colonel. Tell sees a possibility at reclamation through his relationship with Cirk. In any case, keeping Cirk on the honest demonstrates inconceivable, hauling Tell once more into the murkiness of his past.
When Bodi and his band 'Good 'ol fashioned' leave Snow Mountain, to visit with pop sensation, Lil' Foxy, they discover that distinction comes at a price.
Madison is deadened by stunning dreams of frightful homicides, and her torture deteriorates as she finds that these waking dreams are indeed unnerving realities.
Determined youngster Din is yearning to reconnect with his youth dearest companion when he meets a wish-giving mythical beast who shows him the sorcery of possibilities.
The absorbingly artistic Ascension investigates the quest for the "Chinese Dream." Driven by entrancing and in some cases comical symbolism, this observational narrative presents a contemporary vision of China that focuses on usefulness and advancement above all.
The unique experience parody follows Op and Ed, two delightful doughnut molded creatures - flummels - who inadvertently time-travel from 1835 to cutting edge Shanghai. There they find traffic, trans fats, and to top it all off, that flummels are currently wiped out. It's dependent upon this blundering pair to save themselves and their species… and, quite possibly, shift the direction of history.
Biopic about Sir James Brooke, the British swashbuckler who became King of Sarawak in the 1840's and left on a long lasting campaign to end robbery and head-hunting - just to deal with indictments of homicide and theft himself.


Veteran investigator Cham works with newbie cop Will to chase down the city's chronic executioner. The examination drives them to a nest covered with dismantled female appendages, and an ex-con who killed Cham's significant other and kid years prior…
A a-list hired gunman winds up trading characters with a down-to-karma additional entertainer during an accident.
A gateway transports Lt. Artemis and a first class unit of troopers to an unusual reality where strong beasts rule with lethal savagery. Confronted with persevering risk, the group experiences a puzzling tracker who might be their main desire to find a way home.
Kanto, 14, a relative of Japan's native Ainu individuals, chooses to visit an opening in the woodland - a way to the opposite side of the existence where dead individuals reside, expecting to see his expired father.
A young lady constructs a rocket to head out to the moon in order to meet the amazing Moon Goddess.
Five hundred years prior, Grandmaster Tianxuan fixed the King, all things considered, in return for a prosperous and quiet world. Nonetheless, the fun occasions were fleeting. Evil presences prowled in the tranquil town of Qui Yuan, and cholera reemerged. To ensure equity and harmony, the youthful evil presence trackers are anxious to take a shot. A youngster named Qian Youdao, who fantasies about turning into the best evil spirit tracker on the planet, stands apart from the group. Yet, as a bizarre case reaches a conclusion, they find a stunning mystery… .
Covert security organization Vanguard is the last any expectation of endurance for a bookkeeper after he is designated by the world's deadliest hired fighter organization.
A couple's wedding plans are lost course when the man of the hour is determined to have liver cancer.
During the Northern Wei Dynasty, Mulan enlisted in the military for his dad and got back with honor. After a decade, Rouran broke the boundary once more, and Mulan steadfastly got back to the war zone.
A 12-year-old tech wonder whose science analyze turns out badly and he produces a clairvoyant association with his closest companion, his canine. The couple work together and use their extraordinary points of view on life to hilariously beat difficulties of family and school.
When a bomb went off suddenly during a police activity to incapacitate it, bomb removal official Poon Shing-Fung got found out in the impact and lost one of his legs. Poon chose to leave the police administration. After three years, the police presume Poon, who was found in a state of insensibility at the spot of a psychological oppressor bombarding assault, of being associated with a few besieging assaults in the beyond two years. Poon can barely recollect his past and even his own personality because of post-horrible amnesia. He intends to get away to discover reality. In the interim, realizing the psychological militant association's plans of annihilating Hong Kong tourist spots, Poon, as the critical individual between the police and the fear based oppressor association, might actually save or obliterate existences of the guiltless regular citizens in the city.

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