Chronicles four years in the existence of Julie, a young lady who explores the grieved waters of her affection life and battles to find her profession way, driving her to investigate who she truly is.
The vagrant Jonna is yearning for a mother. At some point, an old vehicle stops outside the shelter and out stages a gorilla that picks Jonna for reception. It before long turns out to be evident that they share a bigger number of things for all intents and purpose than they at first suspected. At the point when they begin turning into a family, Tord from the neighborhood specialists appears and takes steps to send Jonna back to the orphanage.
When a progression of mishaps and passings happen, a center man is employed to give the terrible news to the casualty's relatives.
The third element in light of the Danish television series tracks down Frank and Casper in evermore cringeworthy situations.
Markus, a sent military man, needs to return home to his teen girl, Mathilde, when his significant other passes on in a lamentable train mishap. It is by all accounts plain misfortune - yet it just so happens, it may have been a painstakingly organized death, which his significant other wound up being an arbitrary loss of.
After a new and troublesome separation, Alice hasn't considered her youngsters in two months to be she anticipates a guardianship decision. At the point when her child calls her in the evening, Alice makes a move, stealing the youngsters on an illegal sanction outing to the Canary Islands.
The careful subtleties of what occurred while Talib Ben Hassi was in police authority stay muddled. Cops, Jens and Mike, are on routine watch in Svalegården's ghetto when fresh insight about Talib's passing comes in over the radio, lighting wild, repressed fury in the ghetto's childhood, who desire for retribution. Unexpectedly, the two officials end up reasonable game and should battle like the devil to find a way out.
Following an auto collision, which kills her mom, 17-year-old Ida moves in with her alienated auntie and her auntie's developed children. The house is loaded up with actual delicacy and love, however outside of the home, the family drives a vicious and criminal life.
Film about the occasions encompassing the psychological oppressor assaults in Copenhagen on February fourteenth and fifteenth 2015.
Minna, a youngster, abuses her freshly discovered capacity to make and control others' fantasies to show her troublesome stepsister something new. At the point when her stepsister can never again awaken, Minna needs to enter the fantasy land to save her.
Hunting for Hedonia investigates how the prospering innovation of Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) will affect human character and our self-appreciation. DBS is a progressive device in neuroscience and as a treatment it is getting over from development control in Parkinson's to mitigating dysfunctional behavior. Preliminaries are in progress in wretchedness, OCD, PTSD and eating disorders.
It's been a long time since everything was magnificent and the residents are confronting an enormous new danger: LEGO DUPLO® intruders from space, destroying everything quicker than they would rebuild.
A Danish summer: long days transform into blue evenings. A passage is being worked to interface Denmark and Germany. Three individuals meet and head out in different directions again.
When a viking hired fighter ends up in the center of a fight between the old divine beings and the new, he concludes that neither one of the sides has the right to win. Thus starts an epic fight among great and detestable that will determine the destiny of a nation.
Anne, a splendid and committed support legal advisor work in the public eye's generally defenseless, youngsters and youthful grown-ups, lives what gives off an impression of being the truly amazing existence with her PCP spouse, Peter, and their twin little girls. At the point when her alienated young stepson, Gustav, moves in with them, Anne's heightening craving drives her down a perilous deep, dark hole which, once uncovered, releases a grouping of occasions bound to annihilate her world.
Deep underneath the surface in the Syrian region of Ghouta, a gathering of female specialists have set up an underground field medical clinic. Under the oversight of pediatrician Dr. Amani and her staff of specialists and attendants, trust is reestablished for a portion of the a large number of kids and non military personnel casualties of the merciless Syrian common war.
A bereft rancher starts another life in her own particular manner by battling against debasement and foul play in her community.
A young lady and her life partner are looking for the ideal starter home. In the wake of following a secretive realtor to another lodging advancement, several winds up caught in a labyrinth of indistinguishable houses and compelled to bring up a supernatural child.


Seeking equity for his accomplice's homicide by an ISIS part, a Copenhagen cop winds up trapped in a wait-and-see game with a tricky CIA specialist who is involving the executioner as a pawn to trap different ISIS members.
A noteworthy show with melodic Bollywood scenes. Kabul in the mid 90s. Soviet qualities rule the country. Ladies can wear miniskirts, youngsters can go to class and individuals can go to the film, shows just as colleges. Life in Afghanistan is like life in the Western world. 14 years of age Qodrat sells film tickets on the underground market in the roads of Kabul. Subsequent to offering a pass to a mystery cop accidentally, he winds up at the Soviet halfway house, where he fakes his personality at the enrollment, in anticipation of getting more power. Day to day existence for Qodrat is about companionships, becoming hopelessly enamored, doing shrewd things and going on undertakings - very much like it is for youngsters in different areas of the planet. Be that as it may, behind the protected dividers of the halfway house the world they once knew is definitely changing as the Mujahideens start the common war.


Thirteen-year-old Benjamin finds that his mom didn't bite the dust in a mishap as he was persuaded to think. The path focuses to high-positioning authorities in the Danish Secret Service, and he is told to believe no one.
Ndola, Northern Rhodesia (presently Zambia), September eighteenth, 1961. Swedish Dag Hammarskjöld, UN Secretary-General, bafflingly passes on in a plane accident. Many years after the fact, Danish columnist and producer Mads Brügger and Swedish specialist Göran Björkdahl research the case searching for an authoritative closure.
In 2027 Brazil, government employee Joana for the most part manages separate from cases. As an individual from a part of outreaching Christians known as the Divino Amor bunch, she utilizes her situation to offer a sort of exercise based recuperation to couples who need to isolate. In spite of the fact that Joana and her better half Danilo consistently perfect their marriage, neither her steady supplications nor some other techniques for help appear to be ready to satisfy their longing for a child.
Clara and her two children escape from her harmful spouse with minimal more than their vehicle and plan to begin once again in New York. After the vehicle towed away, the family meets Alice, who gets them into a crisis cover. While taking food at a Russian café called 'Winter Palace', Clara meets Marc, who has been allowed the opportunity to assist the old diner with recapturing its previous magnificence. The 'Winter Palace' before long turns into a position of unforeseen experiences between individuals who are largely going through emergency and whom of some kind destiny has now brought together.

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