Hanna collaborates with her sister and nonconformity companions to make a satire sentiment on Instagram among herself and youthful entertainer Ekku. Hanna begins living a group satisfying romantic tale for the general population, just to wind up messed up in the unsettled past with her "you were never my beau" companion Lasse, who additionally turns out to be the genuine co-essayist and cinematographer of Fucking with Nobody. Fiction and auto-fiction crash and dissolve into one another, as essayist chief Hannaleena Hauru plays the lead job of a consistently single movie chief Hanna.


One night at a wiener remain in Finnish Lapland, a responsibility phobic wild partier, Aurora, meets Iranian Darian. Darian out of nowhere requests that she wed him. Darian necessities to wed a Finnish lady to get a refuge for him as well as his girl. Aurora turns him down, as she is caught up with filling in as a nail professional and plans to move to Norway, away from her poop life. In any case, in the wake of meeting his sweet little girl, Aurora consents to help him. As Aurora acquaints various ladies with Darian, both of them develop close. At the point when the ideal spouse up-and-comer goes along, Darian and Aurora are confronted with a hard decision: profess to be content or to at last stop running.
Risto and Nelli choose to partake in arm wrestling contest throughout their mid year holiday.
The story of Kari Tapio, who sang his direction into the hearts of the Finns in the 70's and who's ubiquity went on until his passing in 2010.
Twenty years after the occasions of Iron Sky, the previous Nazi Moonbase has turned into the last shelter of humanity. Earth was crushed by an atomic conflict, however covered profound under the no man's land lies a power that could save the remainder of mankind - or obliterate it unequivocally. Reality behind the production of humanity will be uncovered when an old adversary drives our saints on an undertaking into the Hollow Earth. To save humankind they should battle the Vril, an antiquated shapeshifting reptilian race and their multitude of dinosaurs.
The flightless birds and conspiring green pigs take their meat to the following level.
Jane, an unassuming community young lady, has moved to Helsinki and the world is at long last open for her. Enthusiastic and invigorated, she looks for experience, every one of the things she has longed for such a long time. Jane inclines toward a gay bar around evening time, stumbles in her apprehensive perspective, and abruptly there, right close to her, Jane tracks down her rescuer: Piki, the most swank butch around. Piki is awesome. Jane is mesmerized by Piki's dim conditioned voice. Piki offers her a whole new universe, and surprisingly more - dreams.
Juha has lost his significant other in a mishap. Years later, he actually feels numb and incapable to interface with individuals. Meeting Mona, a dominatrix, changes everything.
Three men meet on a night train on the boundary of Finland and Sweden. Every one of the three are hiding something, and an abrupt showdown among them prompts shocking results, with two of them being compelled to make a joint decision.
Eero is an author, whose vocation is in a descending twisting, and he is seriously attempting to compose his new book. Pihla is an aggressive entertainer very nearly a global forward leap. Neither of them will forfeit their professions despite the fact that their relationship is doing more regrettable than any time in recent memory. Eero winds up falling back on uncommon and surprisingly frantic measures to get his profession rolling once more. The decided Pihla chooses to shuffle her profession with her new job as a mother. In any case, is there room in their relationship for these vainglorious plans of theirs? Eero and Pihla head out in a different direction to find replies from far off spots like Havana, the Atlantic Ocean, Hollywood, and Lapland.
The Singer is a film about the record-breaking most loved vocalist in Finland, Olavi Virta. A man who rose from destitution the whole way to the top and turned into a beyond all doubt cherished craftsman by the Finnish public. A man who adored delightful ladies and was cherished by wonderful ladies. A man who appreciated speed, American vehicles, acclaim and liquor and who at last lost everything except his one of a kind voice.
Miguel "Bayoneta" Galíndez is a resigned fighter from Tijuana who winds up living in a confined level in Finland. As his future looks into, a longing for recovery moves him back into the ring.
Rousku and Raninen are escaping their joblessness by setting up a development organization. Word related ignorance isn't a hindrance and bookkeeping is fine when Rouskun's mate manages things. The business people realize that poor people can be, yet entirely not fake. In any case, why for the scratchy ladies? Particularly when Rousku will examine the mirror again and discover what sort of father, such a daughter.
Criminal agent Anders Olsen starts to tackle a case in which a burglar shoots two bank assistants and runs into the roads of Copenhagen with the cash. When captured, he professes to have carried out the wrongdoing alone. A few onlookers say the burglar appeared to have been in a daze, which presents the defense considerably more convoluted and unconventional. Olsen discovers that the blamed has been in jail with the magnetic Björn Schow Nielsen and starts to speculate that Nielsen had mesmerized his kindred prisoner to perpetrate the wrongdoing for him. Yet, would it be able to be conceivable - and provided that this is true, how could the genuine culprit be gotten? Olsen looks for help from a notable therapist spent significant time in spellbinding, with whom Olsen digs further into the universe of mental control. Consumed in the criminal examination, Olsen doesn't understand that the puzzling Nielsen has furtively gotten to know his young spouse. Before long the baffling case contacts him closer than he could have imagined.
Pony and Birdboy recounts an account of seven-year-old young lady Pony, who would rather not go to class, and enormous mouthed Birdboy who has answer for every single imaginable issue. Humoristic family-movie Pony and Birdboy is incompletely founded on Veera Salmi's famous youngsters' book The Book of Pony and Birdboy, which rich humor and revolutionary hustle have brought the book as a top choice of children.
Pekka Malmikunnas is a bankrupt, poverty stricken man, who has persuaded his family that he is as yet the CEO of an enormous IT organization. Keeping this façade in control to hide any hint of failure has become something of an everyday occupation for him. At the point when Pekka's folks surprisingly come for a little while, he arranges a luxurious family evening gathering to dissipate any questions. The soirée is a triumph until Pekka's god-little girl gets run over by a vehicle. The wild driver turns into a common adversary for the family. The driver attempts to offer penance for his activities, however the circumstance twistings crazy and Pekka assaults the man. Pekka acknowledges things have gone excessively far and chooses to come clean with his family. It doesn't hurt however much Pekka thought, bringing the bits of a once crushed family spirit together.
Ailo's Journey portrays the battle of a little wild reindeer to endure its first relocation. All through his excursion, the slight and weak wild reindeer should defeat the trials that mark the principal year of his reality. His enlivening to the wild world is a genuine Christmas story in the core of the dazzling scenes of Lapland.
Stupid Young Heart is an anecdote about the principal love of softly fabricated, lighthearted Lenni and exquisite and well known Kiira. Not yet even as expected in a relationship, they find that they are anticipating a child, and choose to keep it - mostly as an assertion to their families who have moved away from what continues in the youngsters' lives. Lenni then, at that point, has nine months to turn into a man. Having grown up without a mentor, Lenni gets some longed for grown-up consideration from an unexpected companion; 40-year old Janne, an individual from a traditional extremist gathering. In the wake of participating in a mixed assault on a nearby Mosque, while Kiira is hurried to the medical clinic to conceive an offspring, Lenni understands that he can take care of business in his own specific manner, regardless of whether he never gotten an opportunity to be a youngster himself.
Parikka, the entertainer once called the Funniest Man in Finland, and his company are going to be executed for the outrages submitted during the Civil War in Finland. Jaeger Lieutenant Nyborg, an admirer of Parikka, associates an unmistakable unnatural birth cycle with equity. He needs to save the entertainers. The impending visit of the German General von der Goltz to the jail island gives him an appropriate an open door. Nyborg recommends that the entertainers set up a funny exhibition for the guest and not be shot. All things being equal, they will be given another preliminary. Setting up a parody in the awful conditions, amidst appetite and demise, appears to be a seriously overpowering errand. Just a modest bunch of genuine entertainers are as yet alive, the remainder of the group comprises of assistants. Parikka needs to utilize all his imaginative abilities to have the option to deliver something funny.
Turo is caught in a little town and the best thing in his life is being the lead singer for the beginner metal band Impaled Rektum. He and his bandmates have drilled for a long time without playing a solitary gig. The folks get an unexpected guest from Norway - the advertiser for a colossal weighty metal live concert - and choose it's presently or never. They take a van, a carcass, and surprisingly another drummer to make their fantasies a reality.
Anni, a girl of a well off family and used to get life, falls head over heels for Veikko, a conflict invalid of the Continuation War. Anni leaves her past behind her and starts driving the existence of a trailblazer, in the wild woodlands of northern Karelia, in a settlement ranch. After a ruddy beginning, the destiny smashes Anni's fantasies and her adoration for Veikko is put to a test.
Eevi works in a salon, having a dull existence in suburbia of Helsinki with his significant other Kari, a wannabe rocker. After the bonanza, the couple consents to continue with their lives as in the past, without educating anybody regarding the fortunate turn of events. Yet, the cash is consuming openings in their pockets and that is difficult to stow away. Their perspectives about themselves and their relationship are scrutinized. Everybody appears now to have an abnormal mentality towards them - in spite of the fact that they attempt to claim to be similar individuals as in the past. Do the large numbers give joy after all?
Like it or not, pornography is here and it is hurtful. In this questionable film, grant winning producer Justin Hunt analyzes the effect of sexual entertainment on social orders all over the planet, from what it means for the mind of the person, to how current innovation prompts more prominent openness to youth, to watching it in a real sense destroy a family. In what likely could be one of the most crushing issues in present day culture, this film will separate the harm that pornography is doing to us a human race and leave you feeling that it's obviously time that we begin taking pornography habit somewhat more seriously.
The film follows Finnish armed force automatic weapon organization in Continuation War against Soviet Union, 1941-1944. In light of Väinö Linna's top rated novel Tuntematon Sotilas (The Unknown Soldier) and the clever's uncensored adaptation, Sotaromaani (A War Novel).

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