The excursion of an undocumented Filipino outsider attempting to get by in the US. Confronting vagrancy, prejudice, drug rings, and INS, Andrew tries to track down his place in America, however in the world.
A pre-drug understudy and her companions experience the demise of a patient that displayed indications of rabies. They are before long confronted with a considerably more pressing issue as their patient resurrects and contaminates individuals nearby, causing a lockdown and catching the understudies inside.
Nowhere is the overall disintegration of a majority rules system, energized by online media disinformation crusades, more distinctly obvious than in the dictator system of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte. Columnist Maria Ressa places the instruments of the free press-and her opportunity on the line with regards to truth and democracy.


When a previous BlackRose cartel professional killer purposely sells out them by declining to finish her main goal, the cartel arranges her execution. Unbeknownst to them, she fakes her own demise and can make another unmistakable overflow of energy. At the point when the cartel finds she is alive, the tracker turns into the pursued as she battles to seek retribution on the people who removed her new life from her.


It is an account of companions that were caught while climbing in a spooky forest.
Olivia, an undocumented Filipino transwoman, fills in as a parental figure to Olga, an old Russian lady, in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. At the point when Olivia reaches an impasse to accomplish lawful status in the US, she turns out to be sincerely engaged with Alex, Olga's grown-up grandson, chasing a marriage-based green card.
CIA specialists Palmer and Gagano are entrusted with the dangerous mission of annihilating "The Soviet Union"! As they enter the framework utilizing a VR reproduction, their main goal rapidly transforms into a ridiculous snare undeniably more mind boggling than anticipated, as the texture of reality begins unwinding around them. A cornucopia of expressive impacts, virtuosic true to life procedures, and set plan (going from stop-movement activity to adapted surprisingly realistic), Llanso's most recent mixes between layered interest, spy-fi, kung-fu, and Philip K. Dick-esque brain liquefying irregularity to accomplish genuinely unclassifiable results.
GRS usable Jake Alexander and his group of youthful volunteers pursue the most risky and infamous crooks with the assistance of a Hong Kong very rich person.
Rose, a 17-year-old Filipino-American teen from Texas, fantasies about turning into a down home music symbol. She needs to fight for herself when her mom is captured by ICE, and should pick either following her fantasies without her mom or leaving her interests behind.
The Story of Plastic is a fuming uncover uncovering the undeniable reality behind the current worldwide plastic contamination emergency. Striking film shot more than three mainlands delineates the continuous calamity: handles loaded with trash, genuine heaps of garbage; streams and oceans obstructed with waste; and skies stifled with the noxious spillover from plastic creation and reusing processes seemingly forever. Unique livelinesss, interviews with specialists and activists, and never-before-shot scenes uncover the shocking outcomes of the surge of plastic covering environments and harming networks all over the planet - and the worldwide development ascending accordingly.


In this transitioning film about confidence, Maya is a young lady who has consistently maintained a cynical point of view of the downpour, helping her to remember bombed love and other discouraging things. Will the downpour at any point stop her in her excursion to defeat past heartaches?
A romantic tale of Joy and Ethan, Filipino specialists situated in Hong Kong. Ethan, a barkeep, is excited about sincerely seeking after Joy, a homegrown assistant who is entirely devoted to accommodating her family.
A kinship is tried when two young fellows leave their German old neighborhood for a more liberated life in lofty Barcelona, where destiny and decisions compromise their once rugged bond.
A social abnormal adolescent securities with a gathering of loners who plot to steal the school's presumptuous rich child until their capturing plan turns badly.
A extraordinary powers group is shipped off snuff out a medication sanctum, yet end up caught inside it in the wake of being set-up and betrayed.
It rotates around Glory (Angel), a 52-year-elderly person who experiences passionate feelings for Niko (Tony), a person 30 years her lesser. They start a naughty May-December relationship, yet will battle to keep their relationship unblemished in the midst of social objection and judgment.
In the Philippine change of the 2014 South Korean film of a similar name, an older lady in her 70s unexpectedly winds up to be in her 20s subsequent to having her image taken in a secretive photograph studio.
A story of youthful couple, Primo and George, who are in a drawn out relationship and are as of now building and arranging their future together. Their adoration will be scrutinized as their relationship faces obstacles from mistaken assumptions to various profession ways, among others. How might they save their "us"?
Grassroots activists in the Philippines are prodded right into it when a nearby transsexual lady is observed dead in an inn room with a 19-year-old U.S. marine as the main suspect. As they request answers and an equitable preliminary, stowed away chronicles of U.S. colonization come rising to the surface.
A popular however imperfect school competitor turns down the NFL to look for his mom who has disappeared, just to discover he has an ailment that takes him on an unforeseen journey.
An underground battling circuit run by a worldwide criminal organization attacks a resigned MMA champion's little, pure island old neighborhood. Partner hooligans ruthlessly attack his better half and kill his closest companion, leaving him with no other decision except for to battle for justice.


Awaiting the fruition of their new ocean side house, a family chooses to remain in a neglected chateau that is reputed to be the home of the unnerving 'Aswang.' The Philippines has a few legends, yet this by a wide margin is the scariest.


The unforeseen and abhorrent passing of an understudy undermines the presence of an old Catholic school for young ladies. Pat Consolacion, the school life mentor, includes herself with the understudies with expectations of assisting them with adapting, and simultaneously uncover the secrets of the understudy's passing. Most understudies suspect of the severe and fringe harmful Mother Alice, who additionally compromised Pat's residency in the school on account of her nonstop interfering with the case. Be that as it may, Pat's strange gifts lead her to knowing Eri, a previous understudy who's been watching the entire school for a really long time. Piece by piece, Pat uncovers the mystery of the school and the beast that it supported for the past century.
A family moves into a spooky estate where a wide range of powerful occasions start to occur.

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