A film around two human foes - a little mouse Whizzy and Whitebelly the fox, who after a lamentable mishap, meet in creature paradise. They lose their regular senses and become closest companions. Their desire to remain together after they return to earth works out as expected, yet they are renewed into inverse jobs. Because of the force of kinship they can even defeat what is by all accounts incomprehensible.


When the Take-its take the current year's inventory of Easter Eggs, an improbable gathering of characters unite as one and courageous the risks of reclaiming what is legitimately theirs. These lavishly characterized characters structure profound obligations of kinship all through their excursion and find how to confront their apprehensions. They figure out how to manage tormenting and menaces, and find that boldness can at times fix anything.
After his sibling bites the dust in an auto collision, a shamed MMA contender assumes control over the family club - and before long gains his kin's demise wasn't an accident.
A unreasonable, amusing, unusual and ridiculous anecdote about searching for affection and finding one's own self in a world that separates us more than it joins us.


Jacob, a man who accepts he is a wolf caught in a human body, is shipped off a facility by his family where he is compelled to go through progressively outrageous types of "healing" treatments because of The Zookeeper. Jacob's just comfort is the mysterious wildcat with whom he wanders the clinic in the dead of night. The two structure an unlikely companionship that forms into infatuation.
Christmas is moving close, yet it's anything but a glad time for David. In the wake of moving to a major city, his folks have been hindered with work and failed to remember the significance of Christmas. David chooses to change that. Along with Albert the Elf, who got away from the place that is known for Santa to sort out what's truly going on with Christmas, David embarks to Tatra Mountains, where his grandparents live, on an excursion brimming with adventures.


An Icelandic couple live with their group of sheep on an excellent yet remote ranch. At the point when they find a baffling infant on their territory, they choose to keep it and raise it as their own. This startling turn of events, and the possibilities of another family, gives them much pleasure before eventually obliterating them.
Laura, to save her relationship from self-destructing, goes to Sicily, where she meets Massimo. A perilous man, the top of a mafia family, captures her and gives 365 days to adore him.
An ex-MI6 specialist is tossed once more into the universe of surveillance and high stakes to uncover the stunning truth about activities led by obscure mystery services.
Fleeing from despair in the wake of losing those dearest to him, the saint stows away in a protected place that is known for recollections, where time stops and every one of those dear to him are alive.
In a general public wrestling with its socialist past and European present, both the social tip top and disappointed youngsters see powers of murkiness plunging over Europe. And afterward there are the individuals who benefit from the inescapable conflicts and resulting disorder, as shamed law understudy Tomek (Maciej Musiałowski) who's frantically attempting to stand out enough to be noticed of beloved companion Gabi (Vanessa Alexander) and the admiration of her dynamic family. Taking some work at a prominent however irreverent PR organization to intrigue Gabi, Tomek before long observes that he dominates at the messy political games that he is approached to arrange via online media. Yet, there's a human cost to his intruding. As Tomek gets sucked in more profound, his mankind gradually depletes away, and it turns out to be less clear what the final stage is.
The cordial story of Polish foreigner and mathematician Stan Ulam, who moved to the U.S. during the 1930s. Stan manages the troublesome misfortunes of loved ones all while assisting with making the nuclear bomb and the principal computer.
Isolated in his grave penthouse sitting above Central Park, fanatical Wall Street information examiner Richard Boca sees dismal examples. His PC models are acting sporadically, just like the multitudes of mosquitos rearing in his condo, an invasion that goes to his mental meltdown.
Addicted to innovation, a gathering of adolescents goes to a recovery camp in the timberland, however an evil power there expects to take them disconnected forever.
A gathering of companions at a New Year's Eve party go through a tornado of occasions that uncovered insider facts, breaks hearts - and prompts a stunning outcome.
A correspondent, Alicja Tabor, after numerous years gets back to her old neighborhood of Wałbrzych to compose a report about grabbed youngsters and furthermore to confront her own dull family history.
A blend of imagination and science fiction, the film laces Navajo legend with a hermitic trillionaire and his eventual biographer, making an intriguing, secretive and particular vision of America.
Disgraced previous chess champion Joshua Mansky is selected by a CIA specialist and traveled to Warsaw for a knowledge mission under the camouflage of a worldwide chess tournament.
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Film about the lead up to the Polish uprising against German occupation toward the finish of the Second World War.
In March 1933, Welsh writer Gareth Jones travel to Ukraine, where he encounters at direct the revulsions of a starvation. Wherever he goes he meets colleagues of the Soviet mystery administration not entirely set in stone to keep news about the fiasco from getting out. Stalin's constrained collectivisation of farming has brought about wretchedness and ruin; the approach is commensurate to mass homicide. Upheld by Ada Brooks, a New York Times journalist, Jones prevails with regards to spreading the stunning news.
The story of a 20-year-old Daniel who encounters an otherworldly change while living in a Youth Detention Center. He needs to turn into a cleric however this is incomprehensible in view of his criminal record. At the point when he is shipped off work at a craftsman's studio in a modest community, on appearance he takes on the appearance of a cleric and unintentionally assumes control over the neighborhood area. The appearance of the youthful, charming minister is a chance for the neighborhood local area to start the mending system after a misfortune that happened there.
A man and a lady meet in the vestiges of post-war Poland. With immensely various foundations and demeanors, they are portentously bungled but sentenced to each other.

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