The Secret Magic Control Agency sends its two best specialists, Hansel and Gretel, to battle against the witch of the Gingerbread House.
Dark Spell is a tale about the young lady named Zhenya who experiences being infatuated with her significant other that has left her, so she chooses to bring him back. Frantic champion enchants called "Dark Wedding", which is a supernatural custom known for its extraordinary power and irreversibility. After the custom, her dearest spouse returns, despite the fact that his affection turns out to be more similar to a fixation: he is even prepared to kill Zhenya, so as not to give her to anybody. At the point when the infuriated spouse bites the dust, the spell doesn't stop: in light of the fact that even demise won't part the people who were pledged by the evil presence of dark wedding.
Chernobyl: Abyss is the main significant Russian element film about the fallout of the blast at the Chernobyl thermal energy plant, when many individuals forfeited their lives to tidy up the site of the calamity, and to effectively forestall a considerably greater fiasco that might have transformed a huge piece of the European landmass into an appalling prohibition zone.
Igor Grom is a talented cop from St. Petersburg, known for his challenging nature and firm demeanor towards the lawbreakers, everything being equal. Amazing strength, insightful psyche and honesty - these characteristics make Major Grom the ideal police officer. Working energetically, he generally pushes through, and addresses the difficulties remaining in the way.
After the fall of the space craft, it required three years. The fiasco diverted the young lady's life from Chertanovo and always changed our perspective on the universe. It appears to be that this was the greatest test for us all. In any case, humankind doesn't yet realize that very soon he should encounter another meeting.
Two locksmiths track down a neglected blaze drive and choose to secure in its substance. What they observe will be the most noticeably terrible bad dream of their lives.
Tank authority Kalashnikov is seriously harmed fighting in 1941. The mishap leaves him weakened and incapable to get back to the front line. While recuperating in the medical clinic he starts making the underlying representations of what will become one of the world's most amazing weapons. A self-trained creator, Mikhail Kalashnikov, is just 29 when he fosters the now notorious attack riffle -the AK-47.
Nikita, a previous Russian Spetsnaz usable, is recruited to kill the enormous private security power at a neighborhood manufacturing plant so his obscure boss can coerce the business from the industrial facility proprietor. Be that as it may, Nikita and his gathering of profoundly prepared contenders get beyond anything they expected when it turns out the industrial facility is really possessed by a risky warlord associated with the Russian military. When the 'threatening takeover' is finished, Nikita uncovers that he has arranged his own mysterious mission to render individual retribution on the most hazardous man in Russia.
On the guidance of a companion, a youthful American assistant went to Russia looking for a lady. At the point when he met the young lady he had always wanted, he found that she was really a witch, whose objective was to get a piece of his body. Would he be able to escape from her grasp and would he be able to get back home.
A youthful dolphin with a functioning creative mind saves Fish Town from fiendish Moray Eels and reunites with his dad in the wake of finding an enchanted curve that makes wishes come true.
The film's two fundamental heroes are Russia's best saber fencers. One of them has for some time been at the center of attention, the other as of late made it into the public group and has been winning pretty much every competition since. The two competitors start to battle for matchless quality both on and off the arena.
By the age of twenty, Eduard Streltsov has all that one can dream of: ability, notoriety and love. He is the rising star of Soviet football. The entire country, anxiously, expects triumph from the public group at the impending World Cup where Streltsov is to confront the incomparable Brazilian football player Pelé. Nonetheless, two days before the takeoff of the group, the athlete's foes figure out how to obliterate his vocation. At the point when the way to enormous game is by all accounts shut for great, Streltsov needs to reappear the field and demonstrate that he is a genuine hero who merits everyone's love.
A secret Soviet Institute conducts logical and mysterious analyses on creatures and people to make the ideal individual. The KGB general and his associates choose to disregard sensual undertakings of the head of the Institute, shocking defiles of noticeable researchers and their awful and crazy exploration. At some point, an extremist ultra traditional gathering shows up in the research center supposedly guineas pigs. They get an undertaking - to annihilate the rotting components of the Institute's people group, and as required, obliterate the delicate universe of mystery Soviet science.
The youthful family who moved to another condo on the edges of the city. The babysitter employed by them for the infant girl immediately acquired certainty. Be that as it may, the more seasoned kid, Egor, discusses the alarming conduct of a lady, yet his folks don't trust him. The observation cameras introduced by the dad for solace just affirm everything is all together. Then, at that point, at some point, Egor, getting back, tracks down no hint of either the caretaker or the younger sibling, and the guardians are in an abnormal daze and don't recall that they had a little girl. Then, at that point, Egor, along with his companions, goes in search, during which incidentally, the babysitter is an antiquated Slavic evil presence, prevalently known as Baba Yaga.
Beyond Barricades is a narrative on political troublemaker band Anti-Flag, including interviews with Tom Morello, Billy Bragg, Tim McIlrath, Brian Baker and More. The film investigates the hardships of playing politically charged music and giving your life to activism.
Will accepts his better half Rosalind is guiltless of their child's speculated murder, just to find the staggering truth behind her past connections her to another strange crime.
Based on genuine occasions. In a thickly forested region north of St. Petersburg individuals have been disappearing for a considerable length of time. The couple of cadavers at any point found were bare. On October 14, 2017 a group of volunteers went out into the forest looking for a missing young person. Before long, all correspondence with them was lost. Local people accept they were taken by the very dim soul that took the others. They call it the Limping Widow.
The story of the Podolsk cadets' chivalrous remain outside Moscow in October 1941. Cadets were shipped off the Ilyinsky line, battling close by units from the Soviet 43rd Army to keep down the German development until fortifications showed up. Pitifully dwarfed, young fellows set out their lives in a fight enduring right around fourteen days to deter the far prevalent German powers progressing towards Moscow. Around 3,500 cadets and their chiefs were shipped off hold up the last line of protection outside Moscow. A large portion of them stayed there for eternity.
A young lady, Mila, is captured by a strange and perilous association known as Recreation. Compelled to remain conscious and under steady observation, Mila should battle for control of her own mind.
Alienated in politically-vague Moscow, young lady manages extreme OCD, while her cousin in Berlin attempts to fabricate a close connection disregarding her own condition. In an equal New York City domain, a shattered fighter battles with enslavement, self-esteem and online uneasiness, which interfaces all the saints from a widespread level.
A new liveliness film about a merry canine family with five children who travel in a ranch style home. Beautiful Little Kid is anxious to play with his senior siblings and sisters yet they all appear to be occupied with their own side interests. Kid tracks down new companions, the Cats. Be that as it may, imagine a scenario in which the Cats are not quite as amicable as they look?
Cosmoball is an entrancing intergalactic round of future played among people and outsiders at the monster extraterrestrial boat floating in the sky over Earth. A youngster with gigantic force of an obscure nature joins the group of hot-headed superheroes in return for a solution for his mom's dangerous sickness. The Four from Earth will battle not exclusively to protect the distinction of their home planet in the marvelous game, however to confront the extraordinary danger to the Galaxy and embrace their own destiny.


A 13-year-old young lady grows up between a boxing ring and the road. Her companions are folks who kill and ransack. During the 1990s the entire city despises them, yet for Masha they are the best individuals on the planet, who love and ensure her. She sings them jazz and fantasies about turning into a vocalist. Be that as it may, one day Masha realizes who they really are and how they have treated her life and family. She develops, leaves the little city for Moscow, attempting to break with her past. Yet, one day the previous stands straightforwardly before her.


A 40-year-old author gets back to his family house where he was raised and that he got away after unimaginable length of time - to confront his sibling who remained all things considered, acquired their family bread kitchen and wedded the one who the two of them loved.

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