Chronicles four years in the existence of Julie, a young lady who explores the grieved waters of her affection life and battles to find her profession way, driving her to investigate who she truly is.
The vagrant Jonna is yearning for a mother. At some point, an old vehicle stops outside the shelter and out stages a gorilla that picks Jonna for reception. It before long turns out to be evident that they share a bigger number of things for all intents and purpose than they at first suspected. At the point when they begin turning into a family, Tord from the neighborhood specialists appears and takes steps to send Jonna back to the orphanage.
After human progress capitulates to a dangerous pandemic and his significant other is killed, an exceptional powers warrior leaves his obligation and turns into a loner in the Nordic wild. Years after the fact, an injured lady shows up close to home. She's gotten away from a lab and her followers accept her blood is the way in to an overall fix. He's reluctant to reach out, yet with or without questions are projected when he finds her follower is, in all honesty, Commander Stone, the man that killed his significant other a few years ago.
On a climbing excursion to revive their marriage, a couple end up escaping for their lives in the unforgiving wild from an obscure shooter.
An American filmmaking couple retreat to the island for the mid year to each compose screenplays for their impending movies in a demonstration of journey to the spot that roused Bergman. As the mid year and their screenplays advance, the lines among the real world and fiction begin to obscure against the scenery of the Island's wild landscape.
20-year-old Bella Cherry leaves the modest community life in Sweden for Los Angeles with the mean to turn into the universes next huge pornography star however the way to her objective ends up being bumpier than she imagined.


Elisabeth and John-John live in a similar city, however they possess distinctive worlds.
It happens in a not so distant future, in a fallen world after an overwhelming universal conflict among lady and man. Just a single percent of the total populace has endure the conflict and the majority of them are ladies. The couple of enduring men are being killed or caught by female gatherings, driven by the vision and the assurance to fabricate another world, managed simply by women.


An Icelandic couple live with their group of sheep on an excellent yet remote ranch. At the point when they find a baffling infant on their territory, they choose to keep it and raise it as their own. This startling turn of events, and the possibilities of another family, gives them much pleasure before eventually obliterating them.
Greta Thunberg, a 15-year-old understudy in Sweden, began a school strike for the environment as her inquiry for grown-ups was, on the off chance that you couldn't care less with regards to my future on the planet, for what reason would it be advisable for me to think often about my future in school? In no time, her strike developed into a worldwide development as the calm adolescent young lady on the chemical imbalance range turns into a world-renowned activist.
Emma needs to turn into a style model and ask Pär Johansson and the Glada Hudik-theater for help. An out of reach dream for most, particularly in the event that you have a handicap. All together of strange models they start a stupefying journey.
An extraordinary excursion through an Europe in decrease - an assortment of hazily diverting, dream stories about disastrous characters and bound fortune.
We wish to make him our, all own and to hold always - yet will the kid respond? Also would he say he is all that we anticipated that he should be? In these five stories from the UK, France, Sweden, Mexico and the USA, an assortment of characters pull out all the stops and take their risks on a temporary moment.
After a new and troublesome separation, Alice hasn't considered her youngsters in two months to be she anticipates a guardianship decision. At the point when her child calls her in the evening, Alice makes a move, stealing the youngsters on an illegal sanction outing to the Canary Islands.
To have the option to go to Europe and track down his first love, Sam Ali, a Syrian outcast, acknowledges to have his back inked by one of the most sulfurous contemporary craftsman; turning into that way a valuable work of art.
The film follows 24 hours in the existence of father and girl Leo and Molly as she wrestles with the difficulties of managing her dad's tumultuous mental state. Yet, as they weave their direction around New York City, their normal however distressing day takes on an illusory and epic quality, for Leo is consistently streaming all through a few equal resides; an enthusiastic marriage with his youth darling Dolores in Mexico; a striving vocation as a drummer in Manhattan with his more fruitful sweetheart, Adam; and an existence of isolation on a far off Greek island, where a possibility experience with two youthful sightseers exposes the awkward facts of a day to day life left behind…


Eleven individuals, separated from the rest of the world, discuss through screens. A child needs to hold the hand of his enduring mother. Love develops. A mother has deserted her family. An advisor winds up at the edge of ruin. A little girl interfaces with her parents.
Two Swedish/Norwegian relatives go on a colder time of year jumping trip in Northern Norway, when they get caught after a rockslide.
Nelly and her canine London are going to spend pre-winter break with her uncle Hannibal. Before long she saw that he doesn't carry on with a tranquil life. Her uncle is a Monster specialist. Nelly gets hauled in to an experience loaded up with apparitions, vampires and werewolves.
Emily and her mom live alone subsequent to losing her dad. She needs to assist her mom with tracking down satisfaction and to find out with regards to the dad she won't ever know. At the point when Emily observes a strange chest that moves her to a mystical world, she meets fabulous and legendary animals that become her new companions. Subsequent to finding her new companions are at serious risk, Emily should confront her most noticeably terrible dread to finish her journey.
A couple flying on a little plane to go to a tropical island wedding should battle for their lives after their pilot experiences a heart attack.
Mustafa and his significant other Salwa come from two Palestinian towns that are just 200 meters separated, yet isolated by the divider. Their uncommon everyday environment is beginning to influence their generally glad marriage, however two or three does what they can to make it work. Consistently, Mustafa streaks a light from his overhang to wish his youngsters on the opposite side a goodnight, and they signal him back. One day Mustafa gets a call that each parent fears: his child has been in a mishap. He races to the designated spot where he should tortuously stand by in line just to discover there is an issue with his fingerprints and is denied passage. Frantic, Mustafa resorts to employing a bootlegger to bring him across. His once 200-meter venture turns into a 200-kilometer odyssey joined by not set in stone to cross.
The group of a West of Ireland fishing vessel marooned adrift battle for their lives against a developing parasite in their water supply.
Based on the genuine story of polar pilgrim, Roald Amundsen, this film covers his life and the risky way to the pole.

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