A lady named Amanda lies stricken, a long way from home. A young man named David questions her, attempting to make her recollect. She's not his mom, he's not her child. As her time is expiring, he assists her with unwinding a strong, tormenting story of fanatical desire, an imperceptible risk, and the force of a mother's adoration for her child.
This film tells about the exciting bends in the road of the existences of four darlings who should each beat various apprehensions and issues as they face the start of another year. The four sets comprise of Ji Ho and Hyo Young, Jae Heon and Jin Ah, Yong Chan and Yao Lin, and Rae Hwan and Oh Wol.
A polygamist with one family in Buenos Aires and the other in Mar del Plata sees his life flipped around when his spouses find what he has stowed away from them for such countless years and join to take revenge.


Fernando, a maritime official, shows up in the city of Rosario to chip away at an oil big hauler. Yet, his move appears to disguise other motives.
Photographer Estevan Oriol and craftsman Mister Cartoon transformed their Chicano roots into dirty workmanship, affecting road culture, hip jump and then some.
Laura Pereira starts a frantic inquiry to observe her dad who vanished. While attempting to observe replies, something is following her. The vanishing of her dad and the abnormal occasions, might have a clarification connected with the UFO peculiarity her dad was examining. Laura leaves on a mission that will place their lives at serious risk, that will change the predetermination of humanity.
Brandon plans to surrender his final turning point satire show. As his accounts and jokes pass, the public starts to brighten up. Yet, at that exact second Brandon will understand that these accounts have a solid relationship with his past. More than he imagines.
When her child is blamed for assaulting and attempting to kill his ex, Alicia leaves on an excursion that will change her life forever.
Set locally of venture houses, Iris, a young lady with an intense past, meets Renata and feels promptly drawn to her. A delicate story about growing up with regards to fellowship and first love in an antagonistic environment.
Police official Pipa deals with her first enormous case while at the same time examining her chief, who is associated with murder. The prequel to "Perdida".
Although she satisfies the job of wonderful spouse and mother, Lola isn't happy with the dream of joy during a family get-away in Mar del Plata.


On a distant mountain ridge, eight children with weapons watch over a prisoner and a recruited milk cow.
Two men meet in Barcelona and in the wake of going through a day together they understand that they have as of now met twenty years ago.
Painter Lorenzo's life twistings wild as he fears his better half is attempting to separate him from their baby son.


Deborah gets by drawing the skin of her customers. One evening, her housemate welcomes her sweetheart and companion to their home. Sitting in the rocker, they consume the series existing apart from everything else, Gain of Clones, until, out of nowhere, the sign is cut off and the screen is colored red while subconscious pictures float. Nobody recollects what happened the most recent two minutes. The response will be in the confounding presence of monster felines that will later attack the city. As in El sol (2010), the second component of the artist Ayar Blasco diagrams whole-world destroying circumstances where confusion and suspicion is the best reason to meet surrealist animals and scenes. Blasco comprehends that movement is a language with assets that surprisingly realistic doesn't have, and takes advantage of those devices as a grown-up only youngster to allow himself to play forever.
Salamanca, Spain, 1936. In the beginning of the tactical insubordination that started the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939), essayist Miguel de Unamuno upholds the uprising with the expectation that the predominant political confusion will end. However, when the showdown turns out to be horrendous, Unamuno should scrutinize his underlying position.
Frustrated with the bearing of the congregation, Cardinal Bergoglio (Jonathan Pryce) demands authorization to resign in 2012 from Pope Benedict (Anthony Hopkins). All things being equal, confronting embarrassment and self-question, the reflective Pope Benedict calls his most brutal pundit and future replacement to Rome to uncover a mysterious that would shake the underpinnings of the Catholic Church. Behind Vatican dividers, a battle starts between both custom and progress, responsibility and pardoning, as these two totally different men face their pasts to settle on some shared interest and fashion a future for a billion supporters around the world.
Rod drives a public broadcast devoted to frightfulness. Until out of nowhere the host starts to get odd calls from a youngster who frantically requests help. At first thinks that it is an awful joke until he finds that this isn't true. These calls conceal a dull mystery…
When Alita stirs without any memory of who she is in a future world she doesn't remember, she is taken in by Ido, a caring specialist who understands that some place in this unwanted cyborg shell is the substance of a young lady with an uncommon past.
Mia is glad to have the option to enjoy a get-away with her father, yet Lupe, Mercedes, Juanma and Alvaro show up off guard a similar retreat … and carry the school dramatization with them!


It's saturday night and Pilar simply needs to remain alone at home without being trouble. Be that as it may, when the doorbell rings, her arrangements will before long change.
In a town in the Northwest of the region of Buenos Aires, a gathering of neighbors is coordinated to recuperate the economy of the area, yet when the Corralito is carried out in the nation and they experience a cheat, their expectations vanish. Presently, they will join to recuperate the lost cash and give the blow of their lives to their most prominent enemy.
Three youngsters mess around in the wild nursery of a ranch style home encompassed by woods. The senior sister says Mummy and Daddy will be home soon as she peruses her more youthful sibling and sister alarming fantasies. Be that as it may, where could their mom and father be? Why have such little youngsters been left at home alone?
Former Colonel Fernandez is designated Minister of the National Anti-Drug Agency (SENAD) and cleanses the extraordinary powers to battle the first of many fights against drug dealing on the line of Paraguay and Argentina.

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